Nature & Mountain

Nature & montagne


The Rhône-Alps-Auvergne Region has the world’s largest skiing area with the Alps and the Central Massif. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to practice winter sports during your stay.

The Alps of the Northern Part count 17 huge skiing areas internationally renowned as the Portes du Soleil in Haute-Savoie or also the Trois-Vallées in Savoie which represents about 180 ski resorts.

The Region owns 2 nature reserves and 9 Regional reserves where you can go hiking. Also, here is the largest nature reserve of Europe with the Regional Nature Reserve of the volcanoes of Auvergne.


The territory counts numerous Alpine and volcanic lakes, rivers, where so many activities and water sports are available such as conoe-kayak, canyoning, rafting. Furthermore, you will enjoy other field sports like bicycle riding.

To finish, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alps Region offers no less than 25 spa resorts near to a lake or a mountain slope to recover and take advantage of particularly pleasant and relaxing cares.